Dominique Rousseau, Michel Morvan

N° 6 Memory Publication date : November 1, 2003

"The past century echoed with opposition between the various disciplines. The new century will echo with the exchange of knowledge among thinkers, or it will be doomed to failure. The time has come to destroy the dogmatic definitions of the various disciplines, to break with the logic of academic parochialism and closed-mindedness; to create a terrain for interdisciplinary exchange and for reflection on each discipline’s implication in social and political history. Le Temps des Savoirs hopes to embrace all forms of knowledge in order to understand today’s world."

Editors in chief: Dominique Rousseau and Michel Morvan.

Contributing editors: Laurence Bertrand-Dorléac, Luc Capdevila, Marc Chénétier, Sophie Krebs, Serge Laroche, Michel Morvan