Jean-Pierre Changeux, Paul Ricœur

Nature and Rules Publication date : April 3, 2008

“In France, ideas are too rarely debated. Dogmatic statements, one-sided criticisms, incomprehensible discussions and glib mockery constantly get the upper hand, with no concern for arguments, which aim only to seem plausible — i.e. worthy of being argued — rather than to be convincing. A totally free and open dialogue between a scientist and a philosopher is a highly unusual experience for both.”

Paul Ricœur and Jean-Pierre Changeux

The goal of this book was to spark a dialogue on the neurosciences between a scientist and a philosopher, to contrast their results and projects, and to carry out a debate on morals, on norms and on peace. A unique meeting of minds.

“The materialist biologist and the Christian philosopher listen to each other, explain their respective positions, and confront one another on such issues as the relations between body and mind, or the foundations of the ethics of the future. The result is enormously interesting.” Roger-Pol Droit, Le Monde

Paul Ricœur is a philosopher whose work is internationally celebrated for its originality, moral commitment and exceptional scope. He was formerly a professor at the University of Paris-X and professor emeritus at the University of Chicago. He is the author of many works, including La Mémoire, l'Histoire et l'Oubli (2000), Soi-même comme un autre (1990) and Temps et Récit (1983).

Jean-Pierre Changeux, a neurobiologist, is professor emeritus at the Collège de France and at the Institut Pasteur. He is a member of the French Academy of Sciences and the author of L'Homme artificiel (2007), l'Homme de vérité(2002) and Raison et plaisir (1994), and the co-author with Alain Connes of Matière à pensée (1989).