Bernard Sablonnière

News Lands of Brain Publication date : March 30, 2016

Bernard Sablonnière is a medical biologist, professor of molecular biology at the University of Lille II, and a researcher at INSERM specializing in neuro-degenerative diseases. He also wrote Le Cerveau — Les clés de son développement et de sa longévité (“The Brain — The keys to its Development and Longevity”) (Poche Odile Jacob).

Think, decide, adapt, feel, love: all this can only be done by the brain. Long shrouded in mystery, in the last few decades it has started to reveal many of its secrets.
Bernard Sablonnière’s work invites us to an exploration of our brain, from its first descriptions by Hippocrates to the Human Brain Project which aims to simulate and model operation by a super computer.
From memory to “musical chills”, from empathy to mental arithmetic, the entire brain mechanism is revealed here, with encouragement to develop its capacities more effectively, be it through training, diet or learning. Because our brain is unique, each neuronal connection being modulated and adjusted to our environment. Its neuroplasticity, that is to say its ability to form new neurones, is an incredible resource, still poorly understood.
A complete description of the brain, this book also corrects many misconceptions, such as the difference between the male and female brains or the “good head for maths”, and addresses some persistent mysteries, such as creative genius, intuition, dreams or love at first sight.

A clear account of how the brain functions and the progress made by science
The brain explained in accessible language, and illustrated with clear and simple examples.
 This book shows how to preserve the brain, improve its capacity, and make it one of the key factors of well-being.