Stanislas Dehaene

Science Helping Schools Publication date : November 27, 2019

Stanislas Dehaene is professor at the Collège de France where he holds the Chair in Experimental Cognitive Psychology. A member of the French Academy of Sciences, he is the author of Les Neurones de la lecture, La Bosse des maths, Le Code de la conscience, and, most recently, Apprendre!, all best-sellers.

Here is the practical companion, adapted for the classroom, of the best-selling Apprendre!

Convinced that teachers must be the primary experts in the learning and the brain of the child, Stanislas Dehaene has surrounded himself with members of the French Conseil scientifique de l’Éducation, and in this new work offers concrete methodology that teachers can glean from the research that has been carried out in the cognitive sciences in the past twenty years.

Experimental psychology and brain imaging have clarified the way in which the human brain learns to read, write, or count, and how it is changed in the course of that learning. It is time, in the interest of children, and specifically in that of the youngest and most fragile, to put this knowledge to work in schools.

What researchers have spent decades understanding, why allow every teacher to rediscover it alone and through trial and error, if there now exists a true science of basic learning?