Yann Le Cun

When Machines Learn The Revolution of Artificial Neurons and Deep Learning Publication date : October 16, 2019

We are experiencing a completely unique revolution, unimaginable just fifty years ago: machines that can learn, and which can learn by themselves.

Instead of carrying out orders through a computer program, machines can now acquire, by themselves and through experience, the capabilities needed to accomplish the tasks assigned to them, including those that up to now have been considered to be uniquely human. The applications are enormous: recognition of shapes, voices, images, and faces; self-driving cars; the translation of hundreds of languages; the detection of tumors in medical imaging…

Yann Le Cun has been at the origin of this revolution. Indeed, he is one of the inventors of “deep learning,” which describes a network of artificial neurons whose architecture and functioning are inspired by the brain itself

Yann Le Cun invites us to witness the birth of this new form of intelligence, the emergence of an essentially self-organizing system.

This book presents the intellectual process of an inventor at the crossroads of computer technology and the neurosciences. This is a book that illuminates the future of AI, its impacts, its promises, and its risks.