David Ruelle

Chance and Chaos Publication date : October 1, 2000

How can chance be explained? Can a prediction ever be regarded as scientific? What is the role played by chaos in history and economics? In this book, David Ruelle attempts to disentangle the unpredictable from chaos; he analyses the most hidden, as well as the most commonplace, aspects of chance. Using the same rigorous approach, he leaps from quantum mechanics to dice games, from complex algorithms to astrology and the lottery. His only restriction is the limit of human understanding.

'The author's comprehensive view makes this a particularly impressive work. He has obviously given great thought to the subject and expresses himself in a lively manner. [...] It will be required reading for anyone who wishes to keep abreast of one of the most interesting aspects of contemporary science.' La Recherche

'Few books of popular science succeed, like the present one, in making their readers feel great joy and the desire to thank the author for providing so much intellectual pleasure.' La Quinzaine Littéraire