Yann Verdo

Einstein’s Violin Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Gödel Publication date : October 17, 2018

Yann Verdo is a journalist at Echos, where he writes a weekly scientific column.

In his spare time, the journalist Yann Verdo dives into quantum physics, general relativity, and logic. Out of his imaginary encounters with Einstein, Canto, and Gödel, which he relates in the form of dialogues, there result a new familiarity with those individuals whom we thought we knew well, and a profound understanding of great themes – time, the infinite, matter – that they revolutionized.

Yann Verdo shows once again that there is nothing like an enlightened enthusiast to guide us on the most difficult of paths. Not to mention that to the pleasure of understanding there is added here that of a stroll enlivened by interludes: the only goal is to whet our curiosity and the humor of the moment. Thus, through an astonishing sleight of hand, the pleasant wandering is revealed through the writing to be much more structured than it appears, and the reader finds himself initiated, through style and humor, into the great mysteries of mathematics and physics.