Bernard Diu, Bénédicte Leclercq

Physics word by word Publication date : February 20, 2005

-Short definitions that do not assume any prior knowledge of physics
-Clear, systematic cross-referencing
-An excellent manner of learning about physics: the definitions lead the user from the simplest, most easily comprehensible notion to the slightly more complex, but always remain completely accessible
-An understanding of classical physics by way of contemporary physics (the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics)
-A book to commemorate the year of physics, in 2005
-A dictionary for a wide readership: children, university students, parents, teachers
-A useful dictionary for anyone who ever needs to understand a word or notion in physics
-Bernard Diu is the author of highly acclaimed university textbooks in physics

Bernard Diu teaches theoretical physics at the University of Paris VII. He is the author of Physique statistique (Hermann, 1989), Les atomes existent-ils vraiment? (Odile Jacob, 1997) and Traité de physique à l'usage des profanes (Odile Jacob, 2000). He is the co-author, with the Nobel Prize-winner in physics Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, of Mécanique quantique (Quantum Mechanics).