Georges Charpak, Richard L. Garwin

Power People and Nuclear Mushrooms Publication date : September 1, 2000

Is the survival of humanity threatened by civilian and military uses of nuclear power? Do nuclear plants still pose threats, and, if so, what are they? Do nuclear weapons serve a dissuasive, peace-keeping role or, on the contrary, is their presence a source of instability and conflict? Is nuclear terrorism possible? How can it be stopped? These are some of the vital questions facing humanity that this book addresses. This is a message of hope and reason, science and conscience, from two renowned scientists.

'This book is a bombshell'

Le Figaro Littéraire

'An original and risky pedagogical exercise on a taboo subject: nuclear power.'

Le Figaro

'Read this book and make others read it. It shouldn't be hard to do so, as it is very well written.'

Sciences et Pseudosciences

Physicist Georges Charpak is a member of the French Academy of Science and a winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics.

Richard L. Garwin, a physicist and member of the National Academy of Science, is one of the world's top specialists in military and civilian nuclear power.