Michel Cassé, Jacques Paul

Spin A Scientific Thriller about Matter Publication date : March 2, 2006

Written in the form of a novel, this book reviews the current state of knowledge about astrophysics.
Scientists today are trying to resolve the enduring problem of the missing mass, which represents most of the matter in the universe but which no one has ever been able to observe; they are trying to find dark energy and dark matter. To understand this problem, as well as the solution that has been envisaged, all present knowledge about quantum physics and relativity must be brought into play.
Using a fictional framework, Michel Cassé and Jacques Paul explain the basics of quantum physics and relativity that are needed to understand the problem and proceed to its solution. Their novel successfully blends humour and romance with serious scientific content.

Michel Cassé and Jacques Paul are astrophysicists working at the Atomic Energy Commission.
Michel Cassé is the author of Du Vide et de la création (1993), Généalogie de la matière (2000) and Energie noire, matière noire (2004).
Jacques Paul is the author of L’Homme qui courait après son étoile (1998).