Xavier Alario

Questions About the Brain Publication date : May 27, 2011

François-Xavier Alario is in charge of research for the Laboratory of Cognitive Psychology at France’s National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). His main research interests are the cognitive and neuronal mechanisms engaged in language production, the process of word choice to express ideas (lexical selection) and the encoding mechanisms governing the form of those words (phonology and orthography).

The brain is by far the most mysterious organ of the human body.
Although we still do not know everything about how the brain functions, we are now able to answer a number of questions: What does the brain do when we are asleep? Will it be possible, sometime in the future, to graft neurons to improve cognitive performance? Is there an ideal diet to keep the brain healthy? Is it true that we make use of only 10 % of our brains? Do all animals have brains? What causes tics? What happens to the brain during a coma? Is it true that right before you die you see your life unfolding before you?

The book covers a total of 68 questions — some amusing and futile, others serious or even crucial — which are answered by more than 50 brain specialists.

• The answers given here have all been scientifically approved and are widely accessible.

• An amusing, light-hearted approach that encourages readers to dip into the book as they follow their interests.