Guitta Pessis-Pasternak

Science: God or the Devil? Publication date : May 1, 1999

Alternatively regarded as divine or satanic, science today is nonetheless an essential factor in implementing social change, but the control of scientific findings remains at the heart of many controversies and heated discussions. What is the current state of the exact sciences and what are the major issues that must be addressed concerning cyberspace, genetics, brain imaging, artificial intelligence, the Big Bang, or even the biological foundations of love? What trends are developing? What are the epistemological evolutions? To answer these and other questions, Guitta Pessis-Pasternak has interviewed many internationally renowned scientists, representing several areas of research. The interviews constitute an introduction to their respective fields, while raising numerous issues that lie at the crux of contemporary thought.Contributors include: Henri Atlan, Etienne-Emile Baulieu, Alain Berthoz, Jean-Michel Besnier, Paul Caro, Jean-Pierre Changeux, Boris Cyrulnik, Philippe Descola, Jean-Pierre Dupuy, Luc Ferry, Paul Feyerabend, Stephen Jay-Gould, Axel Kahn, Olivier Kahn, Pierre Lévy, Christian Magnan, Pierre Papon, Ilya Prigogine, Hubert Reeves, David Ruelle, Jacques Ruffié, Francisco Varela, Jean-Didier Vincent, François Vital-Durand, Terry Winograd.Guitta Pessis-Pasternak is a science journalist. She contributes regularly to the French daily newspapers Le Monde and Libération and to the radio station France Culture.