Christophe André

Therapists’ Secrets: What You Must Know to Feel Fine Publication date : January 5, 2011

In this book, a number of renowned psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists draw on their vast experience to share with the reader the numerous methods they apply to themselves, in order to feel better.

Like the rest of us, mental health professionals must sometimes overcome difficult, stressful or anxious moments in their personal and professional lives. By telling us how they manage their own vulnerabilities, and by describing how their patients' histories and comments sometimes echo in their own pasts, they take us backstage to observe their own mental processes.

What methods do they use to overcome difficult situations? What resources do they rely on to face change? What are the values that enable them to shape and give direction to their lives?They recount and share with the reader the tools that have helped them in their relationships with others, the actions they endeavour to practise on a daily basis, as well as the advise they give to their friends and family.

Therapists are certainly not perfect. They are human like the rest of us, but they know what to do in order to feel better. The stories they recount here are original, individual, authentic examples of specific life situations, offering readers a wealth of experience to draw upon, in their own progress towards greater well-being.

Christophe André, the author of such highly successful works as Les Etats d'âme, L'Estime de soi and Imparfaits, libres et heureux, is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, working at Hôpital Sainte-Anne, in Paris. In this guidebook, innovative in both form and content, he has brought together nineteen authors who are among the best in their specialities: Fatma Bouvet, Laurent Chneiweiss, Joël Dehasse, Nicolas Duchesne, Frédéric Fanget, Gisèle George, Bruno Koeltz, Gilbert Lagrue, Jacques Lecomte, Gérard Macqueron, Béatrice Millêtre, Christine Mirabel-Sarron, Jean-Louis Monestes, Didier Pleux, Jacques Van Rillaer, Stéphane Roy, Dominique Servant, Benjamin Schoendorff and Roger Zumbrunnen.