François Lelord, Christophe André

How to Manage Difficult People Publication date : October 1, 1996

How simple life would be if others were always happy, relaxed, and aware of our needs! Unfortunately, this is no more than a dream which is not even close to coming true. Reality is the worrier who pesters you with difficult questions, the paranoiac who takes offence at your least remark, the obsessive who buries himself in details to the detriment of the important things, the narcissist who always manages to turn the conversation around to himself, the depressive who wears you down with his apathy, the « A type » for whom nothing ever moves fast enough, and the numerous other personalities who have the capacity to disturb your daily life, whether at work, at home or within the family…..

For the past few years, psychiatrists and psychologists have become more and more interested in these difficult people, who not only cause many problems for the people who surround them, but also often end by damaging themselves. In this book, François Lelord and Christophe André present a portrait of these personalities that life often forces us to meet, in addition to advice drawn from their own vast experience, on how to better understand and manage them. Finally, they encourage us to go one step further, and try to better understand and manage ourselves, as it is not always other people who have the capacity to be difficult….