Olivia Hagimont

Chubby Or How I Survived the Skinny Tyranny Publication date : April 26, 2013

A painter and illustrator, Olivia Hagimont writes a blog called ‘Olivia (à Paris)’. She likes to transform all her negative experiences into positive ones. In 2012, Editions Odile Jacob published her earlier, very successful comic book on panic attacks, Ça n’a pas l’air d’aller du tout!

Olivia Hagimont tells the tale of a chubby girl who doesn’t like herself much. After feeling victimised by the way others look at her she becomes the victim of sliming diets. In several striking, funny, colourful pages we follow her progression from chubbiness to slimness and finally to self-acceptance.
This amusing, witty approach to the quest for slimness, the fear of being overweight and the unending trap of slimming diets will interest many readers.
In order to overcome the dictates of a conformist society and the very real suffering caused by a few extra kilos, Hagimont’s character adopts a humorous, feisty and optimistic attitude, which she communicates to the reader. Laughter enables Hagimont’s character to free herself. What she offers is a truly liberating message.
The book’s final 15 pages, written by the eminent psychiatrist Christophe André, describe how to surmount weight problems and what to do to avoid, or overcome, guilt feelings.

• An alternative approach to cognitive behavioural therapies.
• A 15-page insert by psychiatrist Christophe André explains how to overcome weight problems.