Claude Allègre, Patrick Artus, Jean-Louis Borloo, Yves Cochet, Vincent Courtillot, Jean Jouzel, Jacques Le Cacheux

Ecological quarrels and political choices Publication date : November 17, 2011

Polemics over global warming, the security of nuclear power plants after Fukushima, the depletion of reserves of non-renewable raw materials are keeping people worried without succeeding in establishing shared objective representations, let alone a stable consensus on the measures that should be taken to meet these challenges. How, then, can we get out of the confusion? personalities who are particularly emblematic of the various theses that clash in these matters specify their arguments, respond frankly to the objections of their opponents, express their points of agreement and disagreement.

The objective: to identify the human, economic and social criteria that would legitimize a prioritization of priorities for an effective and realistic environmental policy for the future.

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