Philippe Kourilsky

The Manifesto Of Altruism Publication date : April 29, 2011

The author of Le Temps de l’altruisme and Le Principe de précaution, Philippe Kourilsky is a professor at the Collège de France and a member of the French Academy of Sciences. He was formerly director general of the Institut Pasteur.

Why does a quarter of humanity in 2011 still live in wretched conditions, without a roof and without access to medical treatment for diseases that can be easily prevented or treated? According to the author, the answer lies in a flaw in the very principle of liberty which ignores the duty of altruism. He argues that we must create adequate conditions to enable altruism to play a greater role, which would in turn result in a new era of action.
Prolonging the arguments of his previous, widely acclaimed book, Le Temps de l’altruisme, Philippe Kourilsky demonstrates in his new political essay the flaws in the western conception of liberty, and proposes ways of improving the ties linking individuals within each nation and worldwide.
In this book, a renowned scientist reveals his reflections and a methodology to enable us to envisage concerted, efficient action in the face of planetary challenges.