Jacques Lévy

The Ethical Turning Point and the World Society Publication date : February 17, 2021

Jacques Lévy is a geographer, and member of the Chôros research laboratory. He was a professor at the École polytechnique de Lausanne and today is the chair of spatial intelligence at the Université polytechnique Hauts de France. In 2018 he received the International Vautrin Lud Prize, considered to be the Nobel Prize in geography.
“This book shows that the emergence of a World-society of individuals/actors is accompanied by an ethical turning point that is indissociable from it. In small touches and in disorder, the universe and the universal aim to meet and fuse.
“In doing so, the ‘universe’ brings the universal out of abstraction. Universal values are no longer found in sacred texts or books of philosophy, but are created, through trial and error and conflict, in everyday life.
“This evaluation of the place of ethics in the contemporary world implies a prospective dimension: what can we reasonably say about the future?
“The key is found in the word ‘humanity’, understood in its dual sense. Humanity is the population of the society-World, while it is also a specific public benefit produced through ethics.” J. L.