Claude Fischler

Omnivorous Humans Publication date : February 1, 2001

Where do our passions, fears and fantasies regarding the food we eat come from? Where do our nutritional loves and hates, beliefs and quirks come from?

Claude Fischler reviews the changes in our eating and culinary habits, the popularity of slimming diets and the phobia of fats. He shows how modern civilisation, industrialisation and our changing lifestyle have all contributed to alter our relationship to food and, consequently, to ourselves.

According to Fischler, we are omnivores and therefore remain undecided about our food choices. We need to explore eating habits over the ages in order to acquire a better understanding of contemporary eating habits. L'Homnivore is as much an anthropological, historical and biological study as a sociological and psychological essay about the body and contemporary men and women. With brilliance and wit, the author shows that in the age of abundance, the threats to our health are less likely to be caused by the food on our plates, than by the dietetic cacophony surrounding us.

A classic work, now available in paperback.

Claude Fischler is a sociologist and researcher at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. He has been studying the evolution of eating habits in developed countries since 1976. He is the author of Du Vin.