Olivia Hagimont

The Family Dinner or How to Survive Your Loving, Neurotic Family Christophe André presents Olivia Hagimont Publication date : November 2, 2016

Olivia Hagimont is an illustrator who produces a popular blog called “Olivia (in Paris)”. She is also a painter, and more than anything else, she loves turning negativity into positivity. Her two previous books are Ça n'a pas l'air d'aller du tout ! ou comment les crises de panique me sont tombées dessus (“Nothing Seems To Go My Way: Or How I Started Having Panic Attacks" 2012) and Dodue ou comment j’ai vaincu la dictature de la minceur (“Chubby: Or How I Survived the Skinny Tyranny”, 2013). Preface and commentary by Christophe André.

Family dinners are a minefield of tension

Several members of a family in one room, with their idiosyncrasies, their issues, their character defects and their opinions: the situation can be explosive. Who hasn’t been to one of those family occasions that turn into a chance to settle scores! Because family dinners are when the best and worst of human emotions are expressed: love, sibling rivalry, jealousy, resentments and more! They are often the occasions for conflicts and powerful tensions to be revealed. There is a dramatic arc that is specific to family dinners that Olivia Hagimont presents and portrays in her very own ironic, humorous, lucid, uncompromising, but nevertheless benevolent way.
The story shows just how hurtful and harmful family members can be towards each other, but also how a little acceptance and kindness can go a long way towards making families nicer places to spend time. The overall message is a positive one: “Let’s open our arms, and not miss a chance to be supportive