François Lelord, Christophe André

The New Difficult Personalities How to understand them, accept them, manage them Publication date : February 24, 2021

François Lelord is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He has written with Christophe André, La Force des émotions, L'Estime de soi, reference works, which have contributed to the popularization of the cognitive-behavioral approach. The adventures of his character Hector begun with Le Voyage d'Hector ou la Recherche du bonheur have been published in 35 countries.

Christophe André is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, specialist in emotional disorders, and author notably of L'Estime de soi written with François Lelord, Psychologie de la peur, Imperfaits, libres et heureux, or N'oublie pas d'être heureux. His works are read all over the world.

How do you establish good relationships with people whose character traits cause suffering for themselves or others?
Whether they are too impulsive, too sensitive, too suspicious, too anxious, too dependent, too unstable, or always covering up for themselves, the psychological functioning of difficult personalities is now better understood than before.
François Lelord and Christophe André offer you their advice, based on science and their experience as doctors and therapists, to solve the difficulties of life with these people. And to offer you, also, to reflect on yourself and to make your own way of being with others evolve!
A precious help to help you to live in a peaceful way with those you come into contact with.