François Lelord, Christophe André

The Power of Emotions (Coll. Poche) Love, Anger, Joy Publication date : April 1, 2003

Can jealousy be controlled? What is role does desire play in love? What is it that makes joy enhance health? What can we do to remain in control of our emotions? How can we improve our understanding of others’ emotions? How many mistakes have we made under the sway of powerful emotions, yet how many others have we avoided because we listened to them? For better or for worse, joy, anger, sadness, fear, shame, jealousy and desire are the inevitable companions of our lives. We cannot escape the influence of these emotions on our choices, our relations with others or on our health. This book is not only a guide to help readers find their way in the myriad of recent findings about the emotions and their merits, it is also a practical handbook. For each one of the major emotions, the authors have compiled the advice that they give their own patients, so that we can all learn to turn our emotions into strengths.

Christophe André and François Lelord are psychiatrists. They wrote two earlier works together, L’Estime de soi and Comment gérer les personnalités difficiles.In addition, Christophe André is the author of Vivre heureux: Psychologie du Bonheur and the co-author, with Patrick Légeron, of La Peur des autres. François Lelord is the author of Les Contes d’un psychiatre ordinaire, Liberté pour les insensés and Le Voyage d’Hector ou la recherche du bonheur.