Christophe André

Therapists' Confidences Learn from therapists’ own lives how to find inner harmony Publication date : September 30, 2015

Christophe André is a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist and the author of such highly successful works as Et n’oublie pas d’être heureux. He has brought together here more than twenty doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists who are among the best in their specialities: Fatma Bouvet de la Maisonneuve, Sophie Cheval, Nicolas Duchesne, Caroline Duret, Fréderic Fanget, Christian Gay, Bernard Geberowicz, Stéphanie Hahusseau, Bruno Koeltz, Yasmine Liénard, Anne Lorin, Claire Mizzi, Jean-Louis Monestes, Claude Penet, Didier Pleux, Joël Pon, Stéphane Roy, Marie-Christine Simon, Alain Sauteraud, Olivier Spinnler and Jacques Van Rillaer.

Twenty-two psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists draw on their own lives and experiences to help readers understand themselves and lead happier lives.
In each chapter, a therapist recounts his or her individual history, as seen from today’s perspective and based on today’s knowledge, in an effort to understand past events, personal trajectories and present behavioural patterns. The goal of these individual stories and life choices is to make readers think and to incite them to discover how best to manage their own existences. The life stories recounted here will thus act as catalysts, stirring the reader’s consciousness and psychological activity. Ultimately, these are simply stories of people’s lives, which can move us and help us.
By definition, therapists are people who have thought more than others about their pasts and their personalities. Besides, therapists practise a profession that affords them greater access, on a daily basis, to the private thoughts and lives of others. They can therefore help us more effectively to understand and to change ourselves. They can help us discern how to progress, overcome, find ourselves, update our values and give meaning to the trajectories of our own lives.
The authors’ goal is to enable each of us to understand how and why we became who we are.

• Psychologists recount their own life experiences: this is an original approach, in the same vein as the highly successful Secrets de psy.
• A great variety of deeply sincere, sensitive, humorous texts that will incite readers to examine the paths their lives have taken.
• The book contains a reflection on psychiatry and what is at stake: what to do and how to provide care and assistance to those who suffer?
• A book that can be of great help by enabling readers to follow the example of a professional therapist.