Christophe André, François Lelord

Self Esteem Liking Yourself in Order to Live Better With Others Publication date : August 25, 2011

Self-belief, self-love, self-confidence... These are all facets of self-esteem, a basic aspect of the human personality, which results from our self-image and how we judge ourselves. Many of the psychological difficulties encountered in daily life — such as the inability to communicate or to feel at ease — may be explained by problems of self-esteem. Most cases of anxiety, depression and complexes also have their roots in inadequate self-esteem. This book was conceived to provide individual readers with clear answers and practical advice, often through tests. The book is constructed along three main axes: - Self-diagnosis: discovering and evaluating one's self-esteem (is it high or low?); testing its solidity (is it stable or vulnerable?). - Understanding the mechanics of self-esteem: how is self-esteem constructed and how does it develop in childhood and adolescence? What problems can inadequate self-esteem lead to, at school and at home? What role does it play later on, in an adult's professional and personal relations? - Learning how to maintain and repair one's self-esteem: what tactics are not conducive to the protection of one's self-esteem? How can self-esteem be developed? When should therapy be considered? 

Christophe André and François Lelord are psychiatrists, psychotherapists and company consultants.