Yasmine Liénard

In Support of a New Wisdom Third Generation Psychotherapies Publication date : February 7, 2013

 Yasmine Liénard is a physician-psychiatrist specialising in mindfulness therapy techniques, both as a trainer and as a group-therapy leader. Formerly, she worked at Sainte-Anne Hospital, in Paris.

Most humans are cut off from themselves, from their inner beings, argues the author. Our materialistic society offers many forms of entertainment but no longer favours such humane values as listening to others, respectfulness and openheartedness.
Yet it is possible to prepare to face a changing world, and to avoid the psychic pain that world can generate, by working on our minds and by learning to develop qualities of wisdom.
It is therefore crucial that we learn about third-generation therapies, based on emotional acceptance, meditation and mindfulness, in order to acquire serenity, develop greater efficacy and become more adaptable.

Following the unprecedented success of Méditer pour ne plus déprimer (prefaced by Christophe André), this book, written by a young psychotherapist, offers reflections and advice on the latest forms of psychotherapy (using meditation and mindfulness) and provides a novel response to the suffering caused by stress, depression and addictions. Already popular in the United States, these third-generation techniques are rapidly developing in France.