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A Radical Love - Belief and Identity
A Life on Pointe - Dance as destiny
De Gaulle and the Republic
Preventing Radicalization: Jihadism, Terrorism
Bloodhounds: A Story of the French Intelligence Services in Their Own Words (The)
Mao Years in France: Before, During, and After May ‘68 (The)
Good Evening Tenderness
Origins of Man: Origins of a Man - Memoirs
Robert Debré, a French vocation - A very great physician, a great scientist, a model for the French
Around Daniel Widlöcher: Psychoanalytical Conversations with Antoine Périer and Nicolas Georgieff
As Days Go By
Intelligence Handbook
Itinerary of an Abused Child - Hate, love, and life
Incredible Mister Pierre Gilles de Gennes - Memories
An Arab from France - A life beyond prejudice
A Neurological Passion - Jules and Augusta Dejerine

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