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Fifth French Republic Is Dying! Long Live Democracy! (The)
France and Germany - the Leap Forward
Freedom Through Knowledge: Pierre Bourdieu, 1930-2002 (Travaux du Collège de France)
French and Politics (The) - An Investigation of a Crisis
French Diplomacy - Tools and Participants Since 1980
French Exception (The)
French Exception (The) - From the Ancien Régime to Emmanuel Macron, the story of a blocked society
From Communism to Capitalism : A Theory of Disaster
Future of Freedom (The)
Future of Public Service (The)
Go to the Blackboard, Mr President - In Defence of the Schools of the French Republic
Governing is an Ambition For Which One Must Have Talent
How Democracies Die - Democracies now know they are mortal
In Defence of an  Ecological Sixth Republic
Intelligence Handbook
International Struggle Against Terrorism (The)
Investing in Social Issues
Law against the demons of politics (The)

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