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Human People (The) - On the genetic traces of migrations, crossbreeding and adaptations
Messenger RNA Revolution (The) - Vaccines and New Therapies
Biology of Plants (The) - The genome of thale cress
DNA, a History of Our Differences
Roots of Transhumanism (The ) - France 1930-1980
Biology of Immortality (The) - Who wants to be immortal?
Revolutions in Biology and the Human Condition
A Monkey, Yourself
New Microbiology (The)
Thread of Life (The) - The Immaterial Side of Existence
From Penicillin to genomics
On Science and Other Matters
Adventure of the Human Species (The) - From Population Genetics to Cultural Evolution
DNA for Beginners
Life, Evolution and History
Existe-t-il des gènes du comportement ?
DNA - The Secret of Life
A Passion for DNA - Genes, Genomes and Society
From genes to genomes
French DNA: Trouble in Purgatory
Dreams, Clones and Genes

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