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New Difficult Personalities (The) - How to understand them, accept them, manage them
Snowflakes: A Wonder of Nature
Digital Technology, Counting with Women - Preface by Gérard Berry
Ethical Turning Point and the World Society (The)
Truths or Lie? - Why do we believe lies?
Overeducated Generation (The) - The 20% Who Are Transforming France
Dare to Live, Dare to Die - Taking hold of death in order to live fully
In the Time of Souls and Seasons - Psychology and Ecology
Secret of High Performers (The)
Fossil DNA, a Time Machine
Overwork: The New Horizon of Productivity - Work efficiency
Don’t Wonder Why Anymore, Wonder How - A Guide for Simplifying Your Life
Parent Burnout (The) - Avoiding it and getting away with it
Psychotherapy and Virtual Reality - Anxiety, phobias and addictions
In Search of Another Time
Motherhood, the Cradle of Humanity

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