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Missteps of Finance (The)
Modern State, Effective State
Monetary Systems - From individual needs to international realities
New Economy, New Industry - Industry: from low cost to high tech
New Marketing Revolution (The)
New Middlemen (The) - How Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Uber and the rest are changing the economy
New World of Advertising (The)
Nuclear Peninsula (The) - Three Mile Island, Tchernobyl, Fukushima... and after?
Out of a Job
Pandemics and Globalization - Dangerous Liaisons?
Philanthropy as Strategy
Power of Creative Destruction (The) - A publishing event in Economics!
Public Services - A Question of the Future
Pull Together, Everyone! - We can succeed and rise again
Putting an End to the Sacrifice Economy
Quiet sleep until 2100 - and others Misunderstandings about the Climate, the Economy, Politics and the Environment
Reconstructing Social Law to Reform How the Labour Market Functions
Rediscovering Physiocrats - A Plea for an Economy that Integrates the Ecological Imperative
Redundant People
Reflecting on the Future
Regulating GAFA - Taking back control!
Research and Innovation in France - FutuRIS 2011

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