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Big Book of Trees and Forests (The) - Draw a forest for me
Bisexuality and the Order of Nature
Lectures in Biological and Cognitivist Philosophy - Spinozist Configurations
Postgenomic Life, - or What is Self-organisation?)
Creative Inhibition - To act is also to inhibit
Communication of living things (The)
Seven Clues to the Origin of Life - A Scientific Detective Story
Xenobiology - Xeno-life
From Mad Cow Disease to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Genes, People and Languages (Work of the Collège de France)
Saving Humans through Animals
Coming Out of the Water - From Aquatic Life to Land Life
New Microbiology (The)
Great Voyage among Microbes (The)
Life With Others - A Look at Immunity
Delphic Boat (The) - What Genomes Tell Us
Selfish Gene (The)
Microbiotic Man - Humans and microbes: thousands of years of a shared history — for better or for worse.
Revolutions in Biology and the Human Condition

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