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A Delight in Words
A Defence of Masochism
A Day With ZOUP
A Criminal Desire
À corps et à cris - How to psychoanalyse young children
A Comedy of Appearance
A Chinese Man from Paris Talks about the New China
A Child in the War: Memoirs
A Certain Kind of Stubbornness - Living With Very Old Age
A Century of the Entente Cordial - Franco-British Council
A Century Ago Marrying for Love Was a Novelty - A New History of the Western Couple
A Brain Named Desire - Neuroscience, sex and love
A Biography of Alberto Giacometti
A Baby Doesn’t Wait - Identifying, Treating, and Preventing Distress in the Very Young Child
8 Lessons in Economic History
7 Domestic Sins (The)
7 Domestic Sins (The)
50 Years of Financial Crisis - french version
40 Years of Wage Austerity - How Can We Escape It?

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