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A Short History of France
A Tormented Scientist
Abd el-Kader, Apostle of Reconciliation
Algiers Putsch (The)
Asking "What if?" in History
Balzac at Table
Black Sun of Paroxysm (The) - Nazism, War Violence, and Now
Charles V - The Anguish of Power
China and the West - A Five-Hundred-Year History
Days in May that Made History in Fran (The)
Explaining the Shoah and Genocide to Our Children
Fernand Braudel
France and the Age of Work (1814-2004)
France in an Age of Major Upheaval - 1962-2017
Genius of Pasteur: Saving the ‘Poilus’ (The)
Great Men and Their Mothers - Napoleon, Louis XIV, Francis I, Kennedy and others
History Continues
History of France
History of Virginity (The) - Myths, fantasies, emancipation

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