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Political Reading of the Bible
Holy Week Which Changed The Face Of The World (The)
New Spaces, New Movements - Future Mobility
Learning About Religion in Secular State Schools
A Century Ago Marrying for Love Was a Novelty - A New History of the Western Couple
Solidarity - An Enquiry Into a Legal Principle
Odyssey of Retirement: A Private and Collective Adventure (The)
Filiation, Origins, Parenthood - How Lawmakers Are Dealing with Recent Notions of Inter-generational Responsibility
Religious Freedom in the French Republic - Restoring the Spirit of French Secularism
Nuclear Peninsula (The) - Three Mile Island, Tchernobyl, Fukushima... and after?
Psychological Harassment in the Workplace
An Enquiry in the Courts
International Struggle Against Terrorism (The)
Culturetech: Digital Culture
In Defence of Social Protection
A Manifesto for Science
A Woman First
The Future of France’s Fifth Republic and Its Institutions in 18 Questions
French Neurosis (The)
Forms of Indiscipline
Go to the Blackboard, Mr President - In Defence of the Schools of the French Republic
Despondent Society (The)
Youth Today
Ecological quarrels and political choices
Teens.com - Follow Their Progress
Academic Success in the Digital Era
Faith and Power - Religion and Politics in the Middle East
Manifesto Of Altruism (The)
Investing in Social Issues

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