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Monkeys in the Kitchen - How Cooking Made Us Human
Sex and Sensuality in the Ancient World
Life and Survival of the Fifth Republic - An Essay on Political Physiology
France in an Age of Major Upheaval - 1962-2017
The Quran and the Bible - In questions and answers
A new World in need of America
Women Have Always Worked - A History of Working Women in the 19th Century
Genius of Pasteur: Saving the ‘Poilus’ (The)
Where is the United Kingdom Headed - Brexit and Beyond
France Reflected in Japan - Growth or Decline
Other Europe (The) - The Crisis and End of Communism
When History Captures Our Emotions
Asking "What if?" in History
Bismarck, Germany, and a United Europe - 1898-1998-2098
Fifth French Republic Is Dying! Long Live Democracy! (The)
Confines of the Law (The)
French State and Pluralism (The) - A Political History of Public Institutions from 476 to 1792
Explaining the Shoah and Genocide to Our Children
Business Leaders During the Occupation

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