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Future of Public Service (The)
And Evolution Created Woman - Sexual Coercion and Violence in Men
Power of Creative Destruction (The) - A publishing event in Economics!
Valéry Giscard d’Estaing - The Other Great President
Language and Science, Speech and Thought - In the beginning, is it language, speech, or thought?
A Forgotten Century, the Twentieth
Powerful Yet Fragile: Companies Under Democracy
French Exception (The) - From the Ancien Régime to Emmanuel Macron, the story of a blocked society
Regulating GAFA - Taking back control!
What Is a Completed Life?
Disruptions in the World (The) - Acting to confront the disruptions in the world
Renaissance of America (The) - foreword to Pascal Lamy
40 Years of Wage Austerity - How Can We Escape It?
Your Health in the Future
Veil on the Couch (The) - Hidden ramifications unveiled
Forgotten Time in Economics (The)
We Must Tax Financial Speculation - Against widespread speculation – a universal tax
Monkeys in the Kitchen - How Cooking Made Us Human
A Social Contract for an Entrepreneurial Age - Our Happy Days
Demographic Shock - Migrations and the Future of Europe
Why Do We Believe?
Conflictions in the Twenty-First Century
Diary of an Anthropologist - From May '68 to the Gilet Jaunes
Philanthropy as Strategy
Scholar, the Fossil, and the Prince (The) - From the Lab to Palaces
Revolutions in Biology and the Human Condition
Paths of the Republic (The)
True Liberalism - A Critical History of Economic and Fiscal Policies
Transforming the Growth System
At the Origins of Funerary Rituals - Seeing, Hiding, Making Sacred
Revolution of Finance: Act II (The)

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