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Mirage of Leadership Challenged by Neuroscience (The)
Digital Technology, Counting with Women - Preface by Gérard Berry
Overwork: The New Horizon of Productivity - Work efficiency
Powerful Yet Fragile: Companies Under Democracy
Philanthropy as Strategy
Toxic Handlers - Generators of Goodwill in Companies
Imperfect Competition
Long Term as a Horizon (The) - How do companies take the future into account and anticipate what lies ahead?
French Prowess (The) - Management, French-style
New Middlemen (The) - How Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Uber and the rest are changing the economy
Research and innovation in France 2016 - Futuris 2016
Cybersecurity beyond technology (The)
Management Rescued by Philosophy
A History of France’s MEDEF Employers’ Association

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