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Earth and Life: A 4 billion Year History (The)
Life With Others - A Look at Immunity
Great Voyage among Microbes (The)
Saving Humans through Animals
Big Book of Trees and Forests (The) - Draw a forest for me
Biology of Plants (The) - The genome of thale cress
A Tableau of Life - Exchanges, Emergences, Complexity
Creative Inhibition - To act is also to inhibit
Roots of Transhumanism (The ) - France 1930-1980
Biology of Immortality (The) - Who wants to be immortal?
Revolutions in Biology and the Human Condition
Think like a Tree
Lectures in Biological and Cognitivist Philosophy - Spinozist Configurations
At the Heart of Life Rhythms - Oscillating Life
Hopes For a Long and Good Life
Xenobiology - Xeno-life
Communication of living things (The)
A Neurological Passion - Jules and Augusta Dejerine
What Do Plants Think About?
New Microbiology (The)
Thread of Life (The) - The Immaterial Side of Existence
Genius of Pasteur: Saving the ‘Poilus’ (The)
From Penicillin to genomics
Microbiotic Man - Humans and microbes: thousands of years of a shared history — for better or for worse.
A Game of Chance and Complexity
How We Become Bipeds - The Wolf-Child Myth
Why I Didn’t Invent the Wheel
At the Core of Memory

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