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Pasteur’s Nephew - Or the Adventurous Life of Adrien Loir, Scholar and Globe-Trotter (1862-1941)
Discovery of the AIDS virus (The) - The Truth about Gallo/Montagnier affair
Pasteur and his Lieutenants - Roux, Yersin and the Others
Pasteur et Koch - A Duel Between Giants in the Microbial World
Big Mother - The Psychopathology of Political Life
Work And Love - Memoirs
As Time Goes By - A Chronical of 2001-2002
Lives and Families - Immigrants, Laws and Customs
Adopting a child from abroad
Fifth French Republic Is Dying! Long Live Democracy! (The)
Six Theses in Favor of Continuous Democracy
Wound and the Recovery (The) - Crises from Within the State’s Black Box
Recovered Children of the Republic - Reflections and Practices of Network of Priority Education
Putting One's Heart into One's Work
crise mine
Women of Adventure - From Dream to Self-Realisation

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