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Health as Political Model
Research and Innovation in France - FutuRIS 2011
Irresistible Ascension Of Digital (The) - Europe and the rest of the world
General Theory of Capitalism is it possible?
French people's economic fear
In Defence of Social Protection
Crisis Decision-Making in Businesses - 12 Tales of Governance
Economics of Needs (The)
8 Lessons in Economic History
Clash of Capitalisms (The) - How we were deprived of our entrepreneurial genius and what we can do to reinvent it
France Strikes Back - For a More Competitive France
Socially Conscious Enterprises - In Defence of Diversified Capitalism
Energy Transitions - Making the Right Choices
France : emergency - A strategy for tomorrow
Why intellectual peoples don't like liberalism
iConomic Revolution (The) - France Faces the Third Industrial Revolution
What Use Is Management? - Questioning management tactics
Finance Under the Magnifying Glass - Twelve Reforms to Restore Trust
Impact of 2006 (The) - Demographics, Growth, Employment
Clash of Civilisations (The)
Good News in France

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