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Cognitive Economics
Climat, how much ? - Climate Negotiations
Clash of Civilisations (The)
Clash of Capitalisms (The) - How we were deprived of our entrepreneurial genius and what we can do to reinvent it
Chindiafrique - The Three Giants That Will Make Tomorrow’s World
China Today - Volume 8
China Is/and the World - A Look at Sino-globalization
Capitalism’s Last Chance - For a new balance between consumers, workers, and shareholders
Boiling Frog Syndrome (The)
Back to Work - Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy
Audacity and the Market - The Invention of Marketing in the United States
Art of Financial War (The)
Afrique entreprise - Africa invents its own growth model
African Urgency - Escaping the False Narratives of Emergence
A Solution for Africa - Bringing our Common Goods to Life
A Social Contract for an Entrepreneurial Age - Our Happy Days
A Short History of Brexit
A Pragmatic Approach to the Way of the Future - How can we innovate and bring about change in society?
A New Deal for Europe
8 Lessons in Economic History
50 Years of Financial Crisis - french version
40 Years of Wage Austerity - How Can We Escape It?
3 Arguments in Economic Thinking - Work, public debt, capital

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