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Art of Persuasion (The)
Values and Modernity - Expanding on Alain Peyrefitte
French and Politics (The) - An Investigation of a Crisis
Of Germany and France
China Today - Volume 8
Manifesto for  Fair and Egalitarian Healthcare
Committed Writer and his Ambivalences (The) - From Chateaubriand to Malraux
School of Presidents (The) - From Charles de Gaulle to François Mitterrand
Renaissance of America (The) - foreword to Pascal Lamy
Political Reading of the Bible
Science and Democracy
Manifesto Of Altruism (The)
A State Secret
From Communism to Capitalism : A Theory of Disaster
How Democracies Die - Democracies now know they are mortal
The Future of France’s Fifth Republic and Its Institutions in 18 Questions
Your Health in the Future

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