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Event (The) - The Koran: Surate LVI
Live In Confidence
Is God a Mathematician?
Faith and Power - Religion and Politics in the Middle East
Political Reading of the Bible
Jews and Eternity
Talmudic Explorations
Religions, the Word and Peace
Rebirth of Hasidism, from1945 to the present (The)
God, Medicine and the Embryo
Gods and Buddhas in Japan (Work of the Collège de France)
A Century Ago Marrying for Love Was a Novelty - A New History of the Western Couple
From Jesus to Darwin… and Back to Jesus
Veil on the Couch (The) - Hidden ramifications unveiled
Why Do We Believe?
Learning About Religion in Secular State Schools
God, An Itinerary
Teaching of Religion in State Schools (The)
Becoming Enlightened
Buddhism - One Teacher, Many Traditions

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