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Psychology of Cancer (The) - A New Approach
Public Hospital is Ill: Diagnosis and Treatment (The) - Hospitals save lives, let’s save them too!
Research in Times of Epidemics - From AIDS to Covid
Revolution in Eye Surgery (The) - the Journey of a Great Surgeon
Rights of Life (The)
Saving the General Practitioner
Scandal of Lyme Disease (The) - New edition 2019
Sex Out Of Control - Overcoming Addiction
Should We Still Be Afraid of the Flu?
Sleep, Consciousness and Wakefulness (The)
Social Brain (The)
Speech on the Occasion of Entry into the French Academy and the Response of Michel Mohrt
Such a Brilliant Brain - The Boundaries of Consciousness
Surgical Procedure (The)
Surrounding Illness - The Family, the Doctor and the Psychologist
To avert medical errors with Medical Simulation
To Prevent Cancer - It Is Also Up To You!
Toxicos - Drug addiction: Thirty Years that Changed Everything – But Tomorrow?]
Transparent Eye (The) - New Edition

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