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China Is/and the World - A Look at Sino-globalization
A Tormented Scientist
Dissuasion and Simulation - From the End of French Nuclear Testing to the Simulation Programme
A Short History of Brexit
Degeneration Theories - Psychiatry and History
China on Our Doorstep - An update on China – European Union relations
A Theory of Spatial Justice - The Geography of the Just and the Unjust
Life and Survival of the Fifth Republic - An Essay on Political Physiology
History of France
Resistance and Dissuasion - The French Nuclear Industry from Its Origins to the Present
French Diplomacy - Tools and Participants Since 1980
West and the rebirth of China
Days in May that Made History in Fran (The)
De Gaulle and the Republic
Geopolitics of Water/Sharing Water (The) - Water – a source of conflicts

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