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Sin and Madness - The Psychopathology of the Deadly Sins
Holy Week Which Changed The Face Of The World (The)
Conversations on the Sky
Confronting the New World - Epistle to Paul and to Our Contemporaries
Brothers, Apparently - A serene and pacifist dialogue, at a time of great religious conflict
Jews of the Arab World (The) - The Forbidden Question
Satan, the Heretic - History of demonology in Medieval Europe, 1260-1350
2000 Years of Christianities - A Historical Guide
Sacred Questions - A modern and re-imagined Islam
Islam and Science
Psychotherapy from God
Buddhism - One Teacher, Many Traditions
Becoming Enlightened
God, An Itinerary
Teaching of Religion in State Schools (The)
Learning About Religion in Secular State Schools
Why Do We Believe?
Veil on the Couch (The) - Hidden ramifications unveiled

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