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Whither China?
Renaissance of Asia (The)
Renaissance of Asia (The) - (New Edition)
Mao Years in France: Before, During, and After May ‘68 (The)
Black Sun of Paroxysm (The) - Nazism, War Violence, and Now
History of Virginity (The) - Myths, fantasies, emancipation
Days in May that Made History in Fran (The)
Women of Literary Salon - Feminism and the Literary Salon: Women in 18th-Century France
Great Men and Their Mothers - Napoleon, Louis XIV, Francis I, Kennedy and others
Secret History of the Fall of the Berlin Wall (The) - New Edition 2019
Balzac at Table
True Novel of the Free French People (The) - Another way of reading and understanding history
Jews and French Identity (The)
When the Académie Française almost Disappeared - From the French Revolution to the Empire
A Short History of France
They Taught Me the History of France
Explaining the Shoah and Genocide to Our Children

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