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What is New in Hypnosis - From Hypnosis to Consciousness Activation
Vaccine War (The)
Your Health in the Future
Biology of Immortality (The) - Who wants to be immortal?
Creating Blood, Bone Marrow
Scandal of Lyme Disease (The) - New edition 2019
I Beat Lyme’s Disease
All about endometriosis - Relieving pain, curing illness
Immunotherapy of cancers - History of a medical revolution
Humans In Pain
Living Better with Diabetes - Third edition revised and expanded
Hopes For a Long and Good Life
Saving the General Practitioner
Truth About Chronic Diseases (The)
Perineum Dialogues (The) - Lifting the veil on perineal disorders
To avert medical errors with Medical Simulation
Multiple Sclerosis
Genius of Pasteur: Saving the ‘Poilus’ (The)
Truth About the Medications You Take (The)
Madness and Memory (The) - The Discovery of Prions — A New Biological Principle of Disease
Immune System’s Strategies (The) - Developing New Treatments for Major Diseases
Against the epidemic risk
Life and Death of Epidemics (The)
AIDS Revolution (The)
Should We Still Be Afraid of the Flu?
AIDS in the World
Manifesto for  Fair and Egalitarian Healthcare
Judging What Cannot Be Decided - The Body Seized by the Law
Discovery of the AIDS virus (The) - The Truth about Gallo/Montagnier affair

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