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Thought in Action - A Painting Session Between Art and Science
A Musical Life
Child and the Concerto (The)
Benefits of Music for the Brains of Children and Adults (The)
Actor, the Game, and the “I” (The )
Nuclear Imaginaries
Therapy through Rhythmic Dance - Healing through dance
First Lady
I Am the Crazy One
Life as an Event - What Art and Science Expand in Us
Pact of Atropos (The)
Tomorrow, You Will Be Immortal
Woman’s Voice
A Biography of Alberto Giacometti
Chateaubriand’s Memoires from Beyond the Grave - Selections chosen and presented by André Miquel
Make Your Brain Dance
Hidden Son of the Moon (The)
Valley of Nothingness (The)
Learn Music - What’s New in the Neurosciences
A Life on Pointe - Dance as destiny
Specter of Atacama (The) - A Trio for the End of Time
Revolution in Eye Surgery (The) - the Journey of a Great Surgeon
Good Evening Tenderness
As Days Go By
Salt of Life (Collector) (The)
Beauty in the Brain (The)
Pens and Brushes - The influence of art on the 19th-century novel

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