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Vaccine War (The)VaccinesValéry Giscard d’Estaing - The Other Great PresidentValley of Nothingness (The)Values and Modernity - Expanding on Alain PeyrefitteVan Gogh - Psychological Portrait Of the Creative GeniusdevicesVascular Tree: New Outlooks on Treatment (The)devicesVegetarian, Vegan, or Flexitarian? - What Is Good for Your HealthVeil on the Couch (The) - Hidden ramifications unveiledVerificationdevicesVicariance (The) - The Brain as Creator of UniversesdevicesVilla MédicisdevicesViolence - Why do we consent to violence?Violence and NationalismdevicesViolence in AlgeriaViolence in SchoolsViruses and ManVoid and Eternity (The)Volitional Brain (The)devicesVolume 17: The States of Matterlocal_libraryVolume 1: Geography and Demographylocal_libraryVolume 10: Diseases and Medicinelocal_libraryVolume 11: Philosophy and Ethicslocal_libraryVolume 12: Society and Social Relationslocal_libraryVolume 13: Mathematicslocal_libraryVolume 14: The Universelocal_libraryVolume 15: The Globelocal_libraryVolume 16: Physics and the Elementslocal_libraryVolume 18: Chemistrylocal_libraryVolume 19: Geopolitics and Globalisationlocal_libraryVolume 2: History, Sociology and Anthropologylocal_libraryVolume 20: Art and Culturelocal_libraryVolume 3: The Economy, Work, Businesseslocal_libraryVolume 4: Lifelocal_libraryVolume 5: The Brain, Language, Meaninglocal_libraryVolume 6: Nature and Risklocal_libraryVolume 7: Technologieslocal_libraryVolume 8: The Individual in Modern Societylocal_libraryVolume 9: Power, the State, Politicslocal_libraryVoluntary Economy (The) - The Example of JapanVoyage to the Heart of Power